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Clear Aligners

Close up of a bearded Black man putting clear aligners on his teethOrthodontic issues like crooked teeth, protruding upper or lower teeth, tilted teeth, and overcrowded teeth can contribute to self-consciousness. If you are seeking to align crooked or misaligned teeth but without the uncomfortable and visible wire brackets associated with traditional braces, you can consider clear aligners in Ballwin, MO. At Bergman Family Dental, we provide aligners for teens and adults to help shift teeth inconspicuously to correct, target position, and achieve a straighter smile.

Clear aligner therapy offers a greater alternative to regular wire-based braces. Clear aligners use a set of trays or aligners that work to guide and direct teeth to the desired positions. If you had orthodontic treatment in the past and now you just need to correct some minor misalignments, you can choose clear aligners.

How Clear Aligners Work

Just like clear braces, clear aligners utilize gradual force that helps control tooth movement without brackets or metal wires. Strong plastic material is used to fabricate the aligners to fit your mouth. Our dentist will get mouth molds that we use to map out your aligner's treatment.

You will receive different varying sets of aligners crafted to work in every successive phase of your orthodontic treatment. You are required to switch the aligners to the next set after roughly two weeks, or as our dentist advises.

You also have to put on the aligners for not less than 20 hours a day. The treatment lasts anywhere from six months to 24 months. Several things may influence the period taken to attain results from orthodontic treatment such as the severity of your bite issues, your age, and the health of your teeth.

Aligners Aren't for Everyone

Clear aligner therapy isn't for every patient, as such, our dentist will evaluate your case to see if these aligners are a viable solution. Most mild cases of misalignment and crookedness or overcrowding can be corrected with aligners, but severe misalignments may need wire-based traditional braces to correct. Our general dentist can administer the clear aligner system to patients needing to straighten their bite, however, for major misalignment issues, we will refer you to an orthodontist.

Clear aligners are a little different from clear braces. The latter resembles the traditional metal braces, but instead of using metal, porcelain is used. The porcelain material is tinted, allowing it to match the teeth's color.

Benefits of Clear Aligners

Aligners are conspicuous in the mouth; they work discreetly without other people noticing. As such, they are ideal for teenagers or those concerned over the appearance of metal brackets or wires in the mouth.

Also, because aligners are removable, it is easier for you to keep the teeth and gums clean. You are able to able to clean the aligners thoroughly. Moreover, clear aligners are less likely to cause gum and cheek irritation. They are very comfortable in your mouth. Nonetheless, they demand a lot of discipline because if you fail to wear them for 22 hours a day, the treatment timeframe could be delayed, or the results could be unimpressive. To request an appointment to meet our dentist in Ballwin, MO at Bergman Family Dental and discuss clear aligners and your orthodontic treatment goals. Call us at (636) 391-9666 today!
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