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Dental Checkups

Dentist talking to smiling dental patientA direct connection exists between visiting a dentist and maintaining healthy, natural teeth. We cannot underrate the importance of receiving dental checkups at our dental office in Ballwin, MO.

If you want to maintain a full mouth of functional, beautiful, healthy teeth, it is prudent that you take routine dental checkups at Bergman Family Dental very seriously. These checkups can make the difference between struggling with gum disease, losing teeth, or having your jawbone deteriorate, and enjoying attractive, strong, and healthy teeth and gums. A typical dental checkup appointment will involve:

Inspection of the Mouth

When you visit us for a dental checkup, we inspect your smile, gums, and teeth for decay, infection, enamel erosion, and diseases such as periodontitis and cavities. Regular checkups in Ballwin, MO are a preventive dentistry approach to protect your mouth, gum tissue, teeth, and other oral structures from disease or even damage. Our dentist looks for signs of grinding or clenching by inspecting the enamel to see if it is worn or damaged.

We also give you guidance on how you can keep up with your dental home care. This way, you are able to keep your smile at its best condition in between checkups or as you wait for the next scheduled checkup.

Dental Cleaning

Our dental hygienist conducts professional teeth cleaning aimed at removing bacterial plaque biofilm. To do this, our hygienist scrapes the teeth in areas above and beneath the gum line using special tools. The process is referred to as scaling and root planing. The teeth are also flossed to eliminate any biofilm and food particles lodged in between the teeth. We also polish the teeth to protect them against the accumulation of plaque.

Dental Exam

In a dental exam, our dentist will speak to you about your dental history. We may ask about illnesses you have or have been treated for in the past or medications you are using. We also want to know if you have dental anxieties, concerns, or even allergies. We keep this information as it helps us in your successive visits or treatments in the future. During exams, we also check for issues with your teeth and gums.

Using a small mirror, our dentist in Ballwin, MO checks for lesions, swelling, sores, gum recession, decay, and enamel damage. A very important part of what our dentist will look for is dental pockets, the spaces that form between the teeth and gums as the gum tissue detaches and pulls away from tooth surfaces due to gum disease, tartar, plaque buildup, or aggressive teeth brushing.

Dental X-Rays

Patients visiting our dental clinic may have dental x-rays recorded if they have not had them before. X-rays allow our dentist to have an in-depth view of tooth roots, areas between teeth, and other parts of the mouth that are inaccessible. Dental x-rays can bring out dental concerns such as cavities forming between teeth, infection of the pulp, or the presence of a tooth abscess. They also show the positioning of an impacted tooth.

Visit us today at Bergman Family Dental if you have not received a dental checkup recently. Call (636) 391-9666 to speak with our qualified staff in Ballwin, MO to schedule an appointment.
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