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Teeth Whitening

Close up comparison of before and after teeth whitening treatment on a Black man's smileIn today's interactive and socially oriented world, teeth whitening isn't a luxury but rather a necessity. Everyone wants to have that million-dollar smile because it makes a person stand out and improves self-confidence. Bergman Family Dental offers teeth whitening to help spruce up the look of your teeth and build your self-image and confidence.

Over time, your once shiny teeth begin to lose their luster as they darken and yellow. Yellowing or darkening of teeth may arise due to the foods and beverages we consume, our habits like smoking, aging, and genetics. If your teeth become dull and unsightly, you can seek professional whitening in Ballwin, MO performed by our cosmetic dentist.

Types of Whitening

Many people will begin their whitening efforts by bleaching their teeth with things like whitening toothpaste or even activated charcoal whitening products. However, although these do-it-yourself whitening methods may help, they may not effectively whiten your teeth. The results may also be inconsistent, and you could even risk damaging the delicate enamel with abrasive whitening products.

As such, professional teeth whitening in Ballwin, MO is the only way you can safely and effectively brighten your teeth. In any case, if you are to use whitening toothpaste, you may just have to incorporate it into your oral hygiene routine once the professional whitening has been done. We recommend that you embrace in-office whitening or take-home trays.

Chairside Whitening

Our cosmetic dentist near you does chairside whitening to improve the appearance of your teeth after they have become stained. We begin by obtaining measurements of the shade of your teeth, which we use to compare the results.

Prior to starting the actual whitening process, we will clean and polish your teeth. With a cheek retractor, we expose your teeth that need to be whitened. Additionally, we cover your lips, eyes, and any gaps in your teeth, to shield them from getting burnt by the bleaching gel.

Our dentist in Ballwin, MO pastes the gel on the teeth, allowing it to rest there for about 15 minutes. We rinse the mouth and check the brightness of your teeth. If the preferred shade has not been achieved, we repeat the procedure.

The whitening gel produces active ingredients that work to lighten the shade of teeth. The number of whitening gel applications or sessions we do, by and large, depends on the severity of the staining and discoloration. If you have any dental work like crowns, veneers, or bridges, you should talk with our dentist because these don't respond to whitening treatments.

Take-Home Trays

If you prefer whitening at your own pace, then whitening trays may be an ideal choice. Our dental office custom makes the trays to allow them to fit perfectly in your mouth. We also offer you a whitening gel to apply in the trays before placing it in the mouth.

We instruct you to wear the trays for a few hours each night for the treatment to be effective. It may take roughly two weeks to see results. We supervise the entire process to make sure you safely do the teeth bleaching at home. Contact Bergman Family Dental at (636) 391-9666 to consult a dentist near you in Ballwin, MO for your teeth whitening needs.
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